our editor march 2019 newsletter

Our Editor March 2019 newsletter

Every business goes social nowadays. People want to know whom they are dealing with. It’s always nice to know that if you have a question or concern there is someone who can be contacted.

And we decided to share some info about our team and our business and thus become more user-friendly for our customers. Sharing full name may not be a good idea in our business, but we are the only online store who steps out into the light today and we hope you will find it useful one day.

So here are few words from our Editor, Jim. We are going to publish his personal experience and will be happy if you react in any way so this introduction will turn into friendly conversation.

Hi everyone!

I’m Jim, 39 years old on the closer side to 40 now. I stand at 5’8’’ tall and my weight at the moment is 182 pounds. My entire life I have always been lean. I don’t mind this now at this age but when I was younger I did not like this at all. I was a hard gainer, no matter what I tried I could not put weight on. That is, until an uncle of mine who was a bodybuilder and doing shows at the time introduced me to steroids “say hello to my little friend”.

The first gear I ever used was Sustanon 250. I only got ten amps of them. Ten 1ml crack top ampules at 250mg per amp. I think I was 18 or 19 at the time, definitely 18 because I was graduated from high school and I was 17 years old when I graduated. I don’t recommend for anyone to even take steroids, let alone start using them at 18. I just want to share some of my personal experiences with others who may be thinking of or are already cycling so they have some quality information at their disposal. So, let’s get started!

What happened the first time I used steroids?

I’m not the type of guy who likes fucking around so I’ll get straight to the point or bottom line here, that is, I was hooked. Now, were not talking the kind of hooked where someone is knocking on the door at 3am trying like hell to get more cocaine or picking up white crumbs off the floor thinking its shit they dropped. You don’t get that way. I just knew from that point on that if I wanted my body on a level where you turn heads, I was going to use steroids.

I went from 130lbs to 145lbs. This was an absolute huge difference to me. Keep in mind I just didn’t blast away, I worked my ass off. I trained almost everyday and hard, as I still do to this day. You have to put the work in to get the results, trust me. My uncle would have never given the stuff to me if he knew that my work ethic wasn’t on point. My suggestion to anybody that wants to go this route is “get your diet and workout in check before you take anything”. All PED’s work best when you have come to a plateau naturally working out.

Fast forward to the current cycle:

Right now, I’m trying to drop my body fat percentage to sub 8-7%. This is a hard thing to do especially at 40 years old. I was right around 190lbs when I started this cycle. This cycle consists of: Masteron, Boldenone, Testosterone Cypionate, and threw in Tren Hex at week 5.

Dosages weekly: 700mg masteron, 1g testosterone cyp, 1.5g EQ, at week five add 100mg tren e.o.d.

I have been off and on gear from the age of 18 and also did many other street drugs over the course of my 40 hard years on this planet. It takes higher doses of everything I do to get the effect I’m looking for now. Once again, I do not condone using or recommend using drugs for anyone. I’m just saying some shit I like to do, otherwise, life is boring to me.

PCT and taking time off gear:

I have never used PCT not even when I was younger. The longest period of time for me not using steroids or any other drugs for that matter was three years. Now when I’m taking a break from cycles, I just use Testosterone alone. There may be people that don’t believe this or think that I couldn’t have did heavy cycles of gear and not used PCT all this time but its true. I have seen guys that get gyno just doing a little bit. I was never like that. In my experience you will know if your prone to these such side effects. Look, if you start a cycle and your nipples start to hurt you, get PCT. You will know, just your shirt may brush against them and you feel it. It happened one time to me when I was taking around 500mg of D-bol per day. The pink 50s from British Dragon. I don’t even know if they make them still.

PCT will get your balls back to working normal if your just going to cycle once in a while. It’s a good thing to get if you want to do things by the book. I was just crazy when I was younger and didn’t give a fuck, guess that’s how things still are.

If you like, I’ll follow-up this article with some talk about the oral anabolic steroid Halotestin.

Next, I’ll let you know why Halotestin is a great drug for cutting and how I use it.

We really hope you will find this post and we will be happy to answer your questions and comments if you have anything to ask.

Just use “place comment” and we will try to answer as soon as it’s possible.












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