Steroids and Your Goals

Steroids and Your Goals

Your goals may not be the same as the next person (male or female), so we are going to go over different individual goals that people have when taking steroids. These goals depend on what the athlete wants at the current point in time and also what body type they like best. Once again, I’m going to talk real and from my point of view and experiences.

The way I see it and explain it to people in the gym or anywhere else that ask me questions about what I’m doing, goes like this, “do you want to look good with your clothes on or do you want to look good when you take them off”? This is a very important question because looking good with them on is a hell of a lot easier than the latter. Now some of you may be thinking, well if I look good with them on why would I look bad with them off? I’ll ask you this then. How many times have you seen a woman out that looks great, only to then get them home and undressed, and their shit starts popping out all over the place. Yea, that’s right, good clothes hide extra pounds. Guess what though guys, the same thing goes for you too. The women was just nice to you and didn’t say anything.

I personalize my diet and workouts to achieve the athletic type/model body. What I do is work with what I have. I’m never going to be 215 pounds all ripped up, it is impossible for me to do that. There was a point when I was bulking and got up to 205 lbs. I fucking hated it, I had a hard time putting socks on and tying my goddam shoes. Remember, I’m 5’8’’ and my walk around weight is around 185-190 lbs. before I cut, then I go to around 170-175 lbs. for the Greek god look (ripped up from the floor up)! Well, enough of this shit, I think you get the point. Now I’ll get into the different goals and some good products to take for the specific goal.

Bulking Phase

bulking phase steroids

When on a bulking phase you should be doing the following:

  1. Eating a high protein and high carb diet;
  2. Doing limited cardio;
  3. Lifting heavy with less reps;
  4. Getting the proper rest.

Here is a list of steroids to take for a bulking phase:

  1. Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate;
  2. Sustanon 250 (has all four esters of Testosterone in it);
  3. Trenbolone Enanthate of Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
  4. Deca Durabolin;
  5. Anadrol oral;
  6. Dianabol oral;
  7. Equipoise (is good to stack in there).

Please keep in mind that some can also be used when trying to obtain other goals too.

Cutting Phase

When you are in a cutting phase, trying to get “ripped up from the floor up” do the following:

  1. Eating low carb, high protein diet;
  2. Do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach;
  3. Cardio at least 6 days a week for 45 mins or more (I only do ten mins on leg day);
  4. Lift with light weight and do more reps;
  5. Super set or do stations;
  6. Don’t eat anything after 6-7pm (drink a protein shake after that time of day).

Ok, here is the list of gear to use for cutting:

  1. Winstrol oral – (I don’t personally like winny injectables, always get a bad reaction);
  2. Trenbolone Acetate – (any ester works, but the ace works fast as hell);
  3. Masteron – (awesome for muscle hardness);
  4. Anavar oral – (don’t use avavar unless you got your bodyfat under 10% because you’ll be just wasting your money and it’s expensive);
  5. Equipoise – (boldenone);
  6. Primobolan;
  7. Clenbuterol.

There is all kinds of different products to use for cutting but if your not training and dieting the right way, you will never get the look that’s wanted. Diet is absolutely king here, its king I tell you king.

Strength and Endurance

strength and endurance steroids

This type of training involves:

  1. Training with higher amounts of weight;
  2. Lower repetitions;
  3. More total sets;
  4. Very little rest.

The same steroids that are listed above can be also used for strength and endurance. Although, a great one to use that is not listed is Halotestin. Take it 30 mins before your training and it will work wonders for you.


In conclusion regardless of your goals, one word come to mind, consistency. You must be consist with your diet and training. It doesn’t matter how much shit you take, if you don’t train hard and eat right you won’t get the results. Do you want to be the person in the gym who has looked exactly the same the past 2 years or do you want to change body? Then do what I have said and you get the change that your looking for.

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